Our history

The life of our business

  • 1985

    The foundation of the company

    The birth of Metodi and our links with the local territory

    In the 'fabulous 80s', a small company was established, inspired by the desire to do business using new technologies, most of which came from the US at the time, and were very expensive. Metodi began its journey in Liguria, alongside the big names that are synonymous with Ligurian industry: Rinaldo Piaggio, Italsider, Ansaldo. The core business of the company during this period was the engineering element of production, specifically with regard to the design of equipment and machines. At this time, the company was also active within another sector, providing topography and mapping services for customers such as Enel, Sip and Autostrade.

  • 1990

    The turning point

    The crisis and internationalisation

    The Italian industrial crisis hit Liguria hard, and in the early 90s, the company was faced with a dramatic decline in work as a result of the fact that all of its major local customers also found themselves in serious difficulty. Driven by necessity, the company extended its horizons to encompass the rest of Italy and beyond, expanding into totally new sectors (the paper, medical and automotive industries). Without the internet and all of the other technologies that facilitate contact between people and companies today, with suitcase in hand, Metodi headed abroad, specifically to southern France, where the foundations of what has become Europe's leading aerospace centre were laid.


    2000 and today

    Having consolidated its presence in the sectors into which it moved in response to the turmoil of the 90s, METODI is now firmly established in the world of engineering services as a highly qualified supplier for the aerospace, aeronautics and automotive industries. The process of broadening its activities continues for the company, as it undertakes various international rail programmes, thus making its entry into this sector. Building on the experience and successes of the past, METODI remains dedicated to expanding the areas in which it operates, moving towards more niche sectors such as particle physics.

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