Services and products for your business

Assisted design services

Comprehensive design services: feasibility studies, advanced 3D modelling, rendering, BoM, sizing and checks, 2D construction layouts etc.

Calculation - FEA

Analysis and optimisation of individual parts or complex systems using advanced computational methods and state-of-the-art software (FEM, CFD, etc.), as an activity integrated into the design flow, or on request.

Measurements and testing

Re-certification of production equipment, ongoing maintenance and sustaining activities, management of functional and load tests, precision measurements (DEA, LaserTracker) and non-destructive tests

Quality Assurance

Engineering support documentation, risk analysis, manuals, European Community certification, technical files, quality assurance and compliance.

Production engineering

Engineering of the production process in its entirety: design and optimisation of the production cycle, development of production times and methods, CAM programming of NC machines.

Lean Management

The concepts of Lean Management and Continuous Improvement refer to the planning of a process designed to eliminate waste and optimise the efficiency of the production system, by identifying the specific problems experienced by a given client

CAD support and training

Training for technicians looking to work with CAD systems or for expert designers who need to further expand their knowledge, with a practical focus.

Reverse Engineering

Re-engineering of parts, tools or machines on the basis of the physical model, with a view to improving and optimising these.


Delivery of the product complete with all relevant certification and documentation, in line with the principles of Quality Assurance and Compliance.

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